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What is the penalty for giving a false name to a police officer.?

Fine? How Much?What is the penalty for giving a false name to a police officer.?
True name violation usually gets a fine in my state. I think it's $100. What is the penalty for giving a false name to a police officer.?
Here's the situation.

A neighbor called the police and used my name. I have the call log and report, and I'm following it up with meeting the county attrny and I was only curious if I could do anything else.

I thought this was an FCC violation/fraud and turned federal and/or a felony.

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Even if you give them a false name and you don't have an ID, they can legally hold you for up to 36 hours to find your identity. And WHEN they find that you lied to them, you are in up to your forehad in deep doodoo. As previously stated that part varies from state to state and sometimes even county to county. All in all, don't do it.
well thats extremely STUPID to lie about your name when your in trouble. you know what that gets you? MORE TROUBLE! places are different with there fines.... but i mean you probably should deserve it :P;鈥?/a>
Since you confessed it to her (hopefully before she ran the name) you will probably get off from it or a fine for obstruction. If you provided a fake ID, then that is a federal offense and you will get jail time.
The misdemeanor charge of providing false information to a police officer carries a penalty of up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $750.
like for a ticket or somehting?


if they find out that you lied..then you can probably get away with it if you say ..oh i taught that was his name....

and then have a straight face and the'll let you go lol
lolz i remember giving the police my fake name and number.

sad thing is i actaully got away ........

i was 15 at that time and broke into a trailer with my friends.

they all got into trouble but me lolz
I don't know exactly, but i was watching tru-tv one night and this guy gave the police man an alias, and he got arrested for false information. so if i were you, i'd use your real name.

a false name to the police is an obtruction of justice charge is anywhere from a couple months to about 30-70 depending on what they were asking about
false information to law enforcement can be arrested and taken to jail, in refuse to give real name they can keep you in jail until you do.
It is a misdemeanor in most states. The penalty varies between fine and jail time (up to one year in my jurisdiction). Don't know the fine amount.
well you could get jailed for purgdery and for giving false information to a police officer. probably a lot.
i dont know. you can be charged with failure to identify but i dont know what the consequences are to that.
First offense with no warrents? $5000 fine and 120 hours of community service. Second offense? Up to 6 months in jail.
What is the penalty for giving a false name to a police officer.?

Fine? How Much?
You'll will be thrown in the biggest volcano. Far far away from here in a land called Police Land
just say your names zered barley or go up to people and ask them wat they think your name is then put a zwiegle behind it
falsifying identity and a jail sentence
If he finds out maby jail for a little.
Big trouble.
Jail time.
He'll get the rubber glove out.
that would be fraud!
why did u lie?

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